Building Partnerships, Aiding Recovery

We are always looking forward to that next conversation with our newest volunteers

Recruitment plays an important role in the success or failure of any volunteer program. We attend many volunteer fairs throughout the year in Durham and other local communities and we always receive a positive response. Volunteer fairs offer a unique opportunity to gauge the pulse of other volunteer organizations and, in turn, we can engage, educate, and promote awareness of mental health.

Although the main purpose of these events is to recruit volunteers, inevitably I am always approached by an individual who is either seeking help for themselves, a friend, or family member. Even though I am a complete stranger, people seem to recognize that our booth is a place that offers trust, hope and understanding. The 150 volunteers at Ontario Shores offer trust, hope and understanding to clients every single day.

Ontario Shores has a long and proud history of volunteer involvement dating back to 1966. Last week we celebrated the 48th anniversary of The Volunteer Association by hosting an appreciation dinner. It was our time to say “thank you” for all that volunteers do. Volunteers were officially recognized in front of their peers and management for their hours of service accumulated over the past year in their respective programs.

Our program would not be as successful as it is without the dedication of volunteers and the ongoing support of staff, senior management, hospital board members, and the Association. Over 10,000 volunteer hours are achieved each year…a robust statistic that has a unique story attached to every hour-a story of friendship, a story of recovery, and a story of hope.
So I offer sincere congratulations to volunteers past and present who have all played an integral role in the journey of recovery. Volunteers always lead with their hearts!

Check out photos from last week's volunteer appreciation event here.