Project Smile

For this blog, I have a task for all readers - and it is called Project Smile.

Do you know the power of a smile?

First, some background:
We are all (ALL!) born with the ability to smile. We do not need to learn to smile.  It is an innate facial feature that as newborns we develop almost immediately.

Unfortunately, we grow up and underutilize the smile because either we learn or are taught not to smile for various reasons.  For some, it might be considered being “unprofessional”, for others they might just not see the value of the smile… 

However, smiling is contagious. Since it is flu season, there are a lot of contagious agents around, and I hope everyone only catches a smile.  Did you know that smiling can actually boost your immune system?  So, if you have the flu shot and smile frequently, you’re pretty much safe from contagious illnesses, in my opinion. Bonus!

Walking down the halls of Ontario Shores, we see a lot of people - whether they are patients, visitors or staff. Are we expected to smile at everyone? Why not! It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown at them! Proven fact!

And this is where Project Smile comes in.

First, get yourself a stack of sticky notes and then draw a happy face on each one. Going to a meeting? Put a couple in your pocket. Next, choose your target person as you walk down the hall. The person could be looking at you or the floor, it doesn’t matter- but stop someone and say “I have a smile to give you. Pass it on” and give that person one of your happy face sticky notes.

It is that simple to make someone smile…Maybe even better, you will get a laugh at this idea!

Good luck on your endeavour to pass on a smile. You were born to smile!

Let me know how it goes. :) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.