#5in5 Series Inspires During Mental Illness Awareness Week

It’s a remarkable time in the history  of bringing mental illness out of the shadows and into the forefront as an issue of significance in our society.

Right now we have corporations taking notice and getting behind campaigns to eliminate stigma and improve access to mental health services. We also have media organizations committed to shining light on an issue which was often buried or absent on news desks across the globe.

As significant as this is, at the core of society’s new progressive view on mental health are people. Moving the mental health agenda forward are men and women from diverse backgrounds with a unique personal story and a common bravery.


We are fortunate at Ontario Shores to have a culture where patients and family members are encouraged to step forward and share their personal recovery story in an effort to inspire others.

Walk through our main lobby and you will notice patient recovery stories on our walls. Visit our YouTube channel and you can see patients opening up about their experience in one of our many patient story videos.

The stories are powerful and inspiring because they are real and those sharing them are genuine in their intent to help others.

As an organization we are proud to be a vessel delivering these stories to our community. And, as we sit on the eve of Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 4 to11), we are equally proud to announce our second #5in5 series on #MindVine, our social media home.

Beginning Monday, October 5, each day #MindVine will feature a new patient-focused story. The stories are real and will undoubtedly resonate with those who have struggled with mental illness or cared for a loved one who has. The stories will also provide examples of the impact treatment and care can have on a person’s recovery journey.

We held our first #5in5 series in May during National Mental Health Week. It was well-received and inspired us to move forward with this online event.

Below is a glimpse of what you can expect during Mental Illness Awareness Week on #MindVine.  We hope you enjoy the series. 

Monday, October 5
A regular abuser of drugs and alcohol, things began to turn around for Brian when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He says coming to Ontario Shores gave him a second chance in life. He’s now pursuing his goals and sharing his story.

Tuesday, October 6
Carly is an educated mother and wife with a demanding career. She also lives with Bipolar II Disorder. At first, her diagnosis set her back. Now she is on her recovery journey and is determined to inspire others.

Wednesday, October 7
Depressed, anxious and self-harming, it took others a while to see why Robin was acting out.  She is now managing her mental illness and building relationships.

Thursday, October 8
It has been a long road for Kim and her 22-year-old daughter Sarah. Through Ontario Shores’ Dual Diagnosis program, Kim and her family are getting the support they need to manage Sarah’s behaviours.

Friday, October 9
Whether it is a game, activity, music lesson or a walk along the path, Therapeutic Recreation is making a daily difference in the recovery journey of our patients.