When Do I Use My Professional Filter?

One problem with me is that for so long I hid, scared of the repercussions of society if I shared my true self - my inner being and thoughts.

When I first began to speak for TAMI (Talking About Mental Illness) back in university it was such a freeing experience. That's where I realized that sharing my voice gave others the opportunity to unveil from the darkness and shine their own light in the world. This realization was always short-lived but it was there nonetheless.

When I was hired at Ontario Shores close to three years ago, I was amazed that they wanted my lived experience when I was under the impression I would never find a job because I was too broken and damaged.

It is a fine line I walk every day at work when sharing my story to people I know, have worked with for three years, or have just met, or anyone reading #Mindvine in the community.

When do I use my 'professional filter'? Is there such a thing as a 'professional filter'? 

For example, in previous blogs I have shared such details of my life that are embedded in my recovery story I would feel like a liar leaving them out. By omitting the details that are most relevant and labeling it as a 'professional filter' am I really acting on professionalism or saving my butt in case Peer Support does not become my lifelong career?

By speaking up, by speaking out, am I jeopardizing my professional life?

I want to be successful- but tell me, am I sharing too much information or am I sharing information that makes me more real, more accessible to readers? I do hope for the latter.

I am writing a book, a memoir of my life. I have shared excerpts with a select few and have already found it to be an exposing experience for me. My innermost thoughts and feelings are wide open for the world to read and judge. But what I have realized is that I am stronger than what anyone thinks.

I may or may not have enough “professional filter” at Ontario Shores and on #Mindvine but I believe there is a special spot for professionalism, honesty, and humility to collide in the workplace and that I have tapped into it.

So I will continue to share details in my blogs, as to what I deem appropriate for myself because I want to be real, I want to be relatable, and most importantly I want to encourage recovery.