School Board Gets an 'A' for Supporting Mental Health

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is hearing stories about individuals, groups and organizations who are doing their part to raise awareness of mental health and join the conversation about this important topic. 

I am part of the Durham District School Board’s (DDSB) Mental Health Working Group.  It is amazing to hear about all of the great initiatives they have underway to support the mental health needs of its staff and students.

While DDSB is doing a number of things to address the mental health needs of its students - the establishment of a Mental Health Lead, development of a Mental Health Strategy and offering Mental Health First Aid – it is great to be a part of a group who also want to enhance the mental health of its employees. 


Over the past two years, this group has been working behind the scenes and encouraging everyone to talk about mental health, reach out to colleagues who are struggling and find ways to share information of how to get help.  The focus of the committee is to support the mental health needs of their staff – teachers, administrators, support staff. 

This week, I attended another great meeting with this group who has representatives from the Board, unions, Administrators and staff.  We had such a productive meeting where we broke into small groups and began working on new resources about Compassion Fatigue, Depression, How to Access the EAP Program and Stress and Walking.  When finalized, these brochures will be added to the growing collection of available resources that are available to everyone at DDSB. 

I look forward to the year ahead with this group as we pool our collective energy, creativity and dedication to this important cause of raising awareness and helping people in need mental health support and information.