COVID-19: Family Member's Letter to Ontario Shores' Staff

On behalf of Family Council and families of loved ones struggling with mental illness, I want to thank all staff at Ontario Shores for what you are doing at this time.

It is difficult for family members who are unable to visit with their loved ones during this pandemic and stressful for some patients who are cut off from those who have lived with them through their battle with mental illness.

Thank you for your dedication, hard work, commitment and support at this difficult time. We don’t often take the time to commend you on what you do, or let you know how much we appreciate your efforts. Your job is not an easy one at the best of times and now there is added stress and more complications with the social distancing.

I know from experience that my son does not understand the need for social distancing and frequently forgets that it is in place. I have to constantly remind him of the implications. This is just another struggle that he has to come to terms with in the midst of his Recovery Journey.

Every staff member who is helping to keep the hospital functioning has an important role to play whatever your job. Thank you for keeping our loved ones safe.

In the midst of all this please keep yourselves safe. You really are our heroes and I can not thank you enough.