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Ethicists Play an Important Role in Mental Health Care

Written by Dr. Pamela Wilansky on .

Welcome to my first blog post on #MindVine!

This is an exciting opportunity to highlight some of the many research projects and initiatives taking place at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores).

It is my hope that my fellow researchers and I will spread the word regarding research-related news and issues at Ontario Shores through blog posts and social media discussions on #MindVine to help readers and followers understand a little more about the work we do and the role we play in achieving positive outcomes for patients and families.

Bringing Creativity and Simplicity to Leadership

Written by Karim Mamdani on .

Leadership can be a very interesting and dynamic discussion.

There are hundreds of opinions on the matter and no shortage of advice out there for people looking to make a tangible difference in their respective roles.

When the topic of leadership surfaces, I invariably steer those in the conversation to the book entitled ‘The Art of Possibility.’

Some of you may have heard me singing the praises of this book before. 

It isn’t a particularly hard book to read and doesn’t have a lot of theory – what it does suggest are some fairly intuitive practices that are powerful in their simplicity.

Therapeutic Recreation: Wellness in Action

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

The skill of engaging patients through participation in meaningful activities was in the spotlight as members of the Therapeutic Recreation Council presented during Grand Rounds at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) on Thursday, February 6.

Grand Rounds

Therapeutic Recreation professionals Angelica Germanese and Noelle McKibbon continued the celebrations surrounding Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Week (Feb. 3-9) by providing the Lecture Theatre audience with an in-depth look at the role of Therapeutic Recreation at Ontario Shores.   

"We use leisure as a means for patients to participate in activities that are meaningful to them" noted McKibbon during the presentation.

Through interventions such as expressive arts, yoga, and exercise, patients learn how leisure and recreation can enhance their quality of life and provide meaningful experiences along their journey. 

Therapeutic Drumming was also highlighted as an evidence-based intervention popular at Ontario Shores and other organizations which support Therapeutic Recreation. McKibbon noted that drumming can enhance recovery by promoting relaxation and the release of emotional trauma.

“Therapeutic Drumming is not only fun, but it can benefit a patient’s physical, emotional and mental health,” said McKibbon.

Not to be overlooked is the clinical role Therapeutic Recreation plays at Ontario Shores, noted Germanese. As part of multi-disciplinary teams, Therapeutic Recreation professionals contribute to the patient plan of care, develop and implement patient-focused programming and set individual leisure goals and objectives for patients. They also build a therapeutic rapport with patients outside of scheduled programming which can assist greatly in achieving positive outcomes.

“It’s important that we really know our patients” noted Germanese.