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“Keeping me in the loop!”: Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck

Written by Shernette Muccuth Henry on .

This feeling is how Lorraine describes what the new patient portal: Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck has been able to do for her.

Having spent a great deal of her life caring for her son who lives with schizoaffective disorder as well as an acquired brain injury, the portal has been able to give her some comfort and convenience.

“My son is now an outpatient and living in supportive transitional housing; however because of his mental illness he may not provide me with information about his care in a timely and organized manner.  That’s where Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck comes in.  I am able to log on and see the information at my own convenience.  I can see when he has medical appointments scheduled and I am able to plan far in advance to be able to attend these meetings,” shares Lorraine.

Reward for a job well done

Written by Karim Mamdani on .

As I participated in this year’s Rewards and Recognition ceremony at Ontario Shores, I felt a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to show appreciation of the hard work and dedication that our staff displays daily.  

For me, the day was especially meaningful when I saw how much it meant to so many of our staff.  Not only was the room filled to capacity, but the air was undeniably charged with excitement and filled with anticipation.  I felt the joy and the immense pleasure that they took in celebrating each other.  I felt the pride in sharing in the success of their peers, knowing that their accomplishment was part of a greater triumph for all of us at Ontario Shores. 

For the Senior Management Team, these awards are a physical representation of the empowering work that our staff do.  It has often been said that the most important resource of any organization is its employees.  I couldn’t agree more. 

Happy Valentine’s Day - Or Not?

Written by Tara Richardson on .

My grandparents amuse me. They believe that a “pretty girl like you should have you a boyfriend by now” and they ask “why aren’t they all after you?”.

Well Nana, well Pa, it is because I may be pretty but I am also apparently pretty unlovable.

While that may seem harsh, it makes sense. It’s not that I am unlovable, but it seems that there is a real barrier as to why I haven’t had a serious relationship (or basically…any relationship).

To me, it is because of my mental illness. That may sound like an excuse but it is probably the truth.

When all of my friends were obsessing over guys, I was obsessing over food. I was caught up in feeling such despair on my lonely planet that I barely noticed my own existence, let alone the existence of hot guys. Plus, I truly believed I was ugly and fat, in other words to me - unlovable.