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Research and Quality in Mental Health: Partners in Transformation

Written by Michael Wasdell on .

I am very pleased to announce the upcoming 5th annual Ontario Shores’ Mental Health Conference: Research, Recovery and Quality in Mental Health, March 1-2, 2016.  This two-day event combines the format and success of our Annual Research Day and Mental Health/Thought Leadership Forum. The conference will feature two tracks; 1) A focus on new research in mental health, and 2) Exploring issues in mental health care quality and promising quality improvement initiatives.  

SOTW Standing Up to Alzheimer's in Their Own Way

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

John Mann has dedicated his life to art.

The stage is where the singer, songwriter and actor feels most comfortable in life.

As the lead singer of Spirit of the West, a multi-generational Canadian band with a list of accolades that would be the envy of many musicians, he has been sharing his art with the world for decades.

Now at 53 years old and diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, a form of dementia, Mann and his bandmates refuse to bow down to the disease.

'We Talk About the Things That Are Important to Them'

Written by Amanda and Jeremy on .

It is the “person first” approach that guides the work of Recreation Therapists at Ontario Shores. They work with patients to identify a sense of purpose and build their skills based on their specific preferences and needs. From programs as varied as community outings to sporting activities - cycling, baseball, basketball or hockey, swimming, music or art, the team works to get patients involved in things they want to do, with therapeutic goals in mind.

These opportunities for recreation empower individuals and break down barriers on their journey of recovery.