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Today we open the new Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to adults 18 - 64 who require support to transition from hospital to community.

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The Dreaded “R” Word – Relapse

Written by Tara Richardson on .

While I have always focused on Recovery in my blogs, I think it is important to share another perspective – that of Relapse. For some it might be seen as a “slip”, a “glitch”, a “lapse”, no matter what you call it, it happens when signs of the mental illness you thought you were free from resurfaces.

I am committed to being open and honest about my struggles, and the truth is… I struggled quite recently and after over four years of having only “mini slips”, this time I had a relapse.

But read to the end - don’t give up on me now! (I didn’t!)

Volunteers make a difference in patient's lives

Written by Liz Onley-Wiseman on .

This month, in our continuing series of volunteer profiles, we introduce volunteer Maaha Farrukh. Her weekly contribution of time has made a difference in the daily lives of patients and their recovery at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores).

Volunteers directly impact patients on their journey of recovery in a meaningful way.
By Maaha Farrukh

Navigating Crucial Conversations

Written by Dr. Barbara Mildon on .

Communication is rooted in everything we do.

How well we work with colleagues, patients, family members and community partners is greatly dependent on how effectively we are able to communicate with individuals in a variety of situations on different levels.

As many of you know, I have always been a proponent of learning. Regardless of someone’s tenure at an organization or within a particular field, I believe there are always opportunities to learn, reflect and apply new skills in situations in the workplace.