Nate is a friendly giant who inspires through poems and music about his personal recovery. After tough childhood and battling mental illness in his teens, Nate is living on his own, working and has dreams to achieve.
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Throughout her adolescence Jessica struggling with mental illness. Nothing seemed to work for long. That changed when she walked through the doors of Ontario Shores’ Borderline Personality and Stress Regulation Clinic.
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Utaya has been living with Schizophrenia for years and understands what it takes to manage his health. He works as a prep and takes courses in the hopes earning employment in the security field.
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Jennifer didn’t expect to struggle during her pregnancy. But when she did, the Women’s Clinic was there to help her cope and regain her health in preparation for the birth of her son.
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Passionate about her daughter’s well-being and supporting families and caregivers, Michelle wants the stigmatizing conversations taking place about mental illness to change.
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#5in5 Back and Ready to Inspire

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

As we sit on the eve of National Mental Health Week, it’s clear how fortunate Ontario Shores is to have the resources we do.

I am not referring to traditional monetary resources.

When I use the word resources I am referring to our people.

It’s been evident for years that we have high performing staff and volunteers. They are passionate and dedicated to helping patients and their families move forward in life. But in the last few years, we have had an addition to our resource pool in the form of patients and family members willing to go public with their recovery journey.


Ontario Shores Adopts Safewards Model

Written by Sarah Kipping on .

Beginning in September of 2015, the Forensics program at Ontario Shores embarked on a journey to implement Safewards within its six Forensic inpatient units. Most recently, the Safewards implementation has also expanded beyond the Forensics program to include the three inpatient units within Ontario Shores’ Assessment and Reintegration Program (ARP).

Safewards is a model of care delivery that has been designed to make psychiatric units more peaceful places by increasing safety and reducing coercion. Safewards and its ten interventions look to develop positive relationships between patients and staff, and focus time on engagement as opposed to containment. The Safewards model identifies where conflict and containment are generated and where staff and patients can look to reduce them.



Students and Grads Welcome at Ontario Shores' Nursing Education Day

Written by Alissa Randall on .

Nursing students and grads from across the province interested in pursuing a career in mental health will have the opportunity to participate in a fun and informative day at Ontario Shores hospital on Tuesday, April 26.

From 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. students will learn about Ontario Students and Grds Shores and the rewarding possibilities of a career in mental health nursing. The Mental Health Nursing Education Day will provide students an opportunity to learn about the mental health nursing profession, the mental health system and Ontario Shores. Students and graduates will garner an understanding on what it means to be a mental health nurse and the opportunities to positively impact patients and families.