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Ontario Shores

Strive for Excellence and Celebrate Achievements

Written by Karim Mamdani on .

American carmaker and industrialist Henry Ford was once asked about the role teamwork played in his company's rise to global prominence.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself," Ford said.

The evidence of that culture existing at Ontario Shores is now everywhere.

No Slowing Down Volunteerism

Written by Liz Onley-Wiseman on .

The long, hot, hazy days of summer are just on the horizon and it certainly appears that everyone’s calendars and thoughts are pre-occupied with graduations, committee meetings and annual general meetings before summer vacations commence. Many of us are endeavoring to clear our calendars and commitments in preparation for brief respites spent reconnecting with family and friends.

Creating lasting memories

Written by Shernette Muccuth Henry on .

"You can’t beat the energy on that day.  You feel invigorated and challenged.”

This is how Julie Murray describes her experience participating in the Charity Challenge at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  This will be Julie’s third year participating in the event and she is eager to get going.

As a Therapeutic Recreationist at Ontario Shores, raising money is not the first thing that Julie would do, however this has become a natural part of her desire to help support the mental health cause.

“I chose to get involved because I personally know clients who face difficulties daily and who struggle to recover from their mental illness.  It has touched my own family,” shares Julie.