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Hope Campaign Inspires Through Music

Written by Andrea Marshall on .

Hope is a word that has part of the daily conversation here at Ontario Shores and something that we know is so vital to our patients’ recovery.  But how do we translate the notion of hope into something tangible, meaningful, and supportive for those impacted by mental illness?

Friendships Have A Role To Play In Recovery

Written by Tara Richardson on .

In my last blog, I talked about the impact mental illness can have on romantic relationships.  That got me thinking about other important relationships in my life – friendships!

Friends come and go throughout your life.  I think that’s normal.  However, for those of us who have spent time in hospital we have discovered that the tendency is for them to go. It’s very disappointing.

'He Did Not Want To Die, He Only Wanted Peace'

Written by Margaret O'Dell on .

I am sharing Doug's story in hope I can contribute to increasing awareness and make a difference in how we think and talk about mental illness and mental health.

This story is one none of us should ever have to live through. Death by suicide shatters lives, breaks apart families, leaves us with agonizing unanswered questions, self-doubt, and often leads to depression among survivors due to the profound anxiety and isolation. People don't know what to say so they avoid the topic leaving survivors in crisis with few people to talk to just when they need it the most. Families are blown apart, fraught with their grief, looking for answers they may never find. Fragments of clues left behind add to our self-doubt and guilt, and sadly  the need for a reason leads to blame and misjudgement.