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Doctor's Residence Update

Minor construction work is taking place at the Doctor’s Residence in the Whitby Shores community as The Kingsmen Group has workers on scene removing part of the chimney.
A recent peer review indicated that it was a safety risk.
We would like to remind people that our Heritage Wellness Garden proposal is still with the Town of Whitby and the issue will come forward to the Committee of the Whole early in the new year.

Why Does a Patient Go Missing?

It is heartbreaking to monitor social media when a patient from Ontario Shores goes missing and the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) post a media release in an effort to inform the public and safely return the individual to hospital.

I understand why the public must be alerted and the responsibility DRPS has to both transparency and community safety.

However, when a patient does go missing and news enters the social media community, I am profoundly frustrated and disappointed by the reaction of many.

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