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Sanaz Riahi

COVID-19: Remember Empathy when Judging Action of Others During Pandemic

This past weekend was beautiful.

The sun was shining, there was barely any wind, and some restrictions of quarantine were lifted.  While most of us chose to stay at home and isolate ourselves in our own backyards, we saw many people flood to parks to escape the prisons of our homes and the awful winter weather we experienced in May. 

My first initial reaction when I saw pictures of thousands of people in a Toronto park was to be angry and upset.  But as always, I remembered again what I teach, try your best to have empathy for others, as we don’t always know their situation.

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Nursing Week - Pandemic is Demonstrating the Immeasurable Value of Nurses

As the world continues to navigate the healthcare implications of this global pandemic, I continue to run out of adjectives to describe how proud I am of the individuals who share my chosen profession.

I have always been proud to be a nurse. For decades we, as nurses, have quietly cared for others with compassion, empathy and grace. In dire circumstances, moments of joy and everything in between, we, as nurses, employ a variety of skills to manage the most delicate and difficult situations.

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