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Serious About Schizophrenia - Patients Have Goals and Aspirations

A nurse’s role in treating patients with schizophrenia has varied among the course of the years and is a very diverse and fulfilling experience.

Over 30 years ago, much of this role revolved around offering programs in areas such as crafts, ceramic work, horticulture, nutrition and cooking - programs that offered socialization and engagement.

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Serious About Schizophrenia - It's About The Person

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that includes a variety of symptoms, such as, but not limited to, delusions, hallucinations, disorganization of thoughts and behaviours that can be difficult for the general population to understand. 

There is still quite a bit of stigma in the community regarding the illness. Many people have a lack of knowledge of what people with schizophrenia are facing in their daily lives.

People often view people living with schizophrenia as having multiple personalities and/or engaging in violent/aggressive behaviours, which more often than not, leads to marginalization within the community.

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Serious About Schizophrenia: A Family Perspective

Caring for someone suffering from a mental illness is often stressful, but when the individual suffers from schizophrenia, these effects can be especially difficult to cope with as a family member. Symptoms of the illness, such as delusions and hallucinations can be difficult to understand and cope with.

Ontario Shores understands the importance of family involvement during the recovery journey and formed The Family Council in 2010, which offers opportunities and engages families to take an active role in advancing care and service delivery for a positive patient and family experience.

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