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Charter of Quebec Values Would Send Canada Backward as a Nation

Back in September I submitted an Opinion Editorial to the Globe and Mail in reaction to Charter of Quebec Values. You might recall this issue made significant headlines back then and continues to be debated around the country.

Now that we have this great new tool called #MindVine, I thought I would share it with you all now.

Submitted to the Globe and Mail on Friday September 27, 2013

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Letter to W5

RE: Segment titled ‘Get out of jail free’ featured in W5 episode broadcasted on November 30, 2013

I want to express our deepest sympathies to Christine Russell and her family for their loss. We can all agree this was a tragic ending that potentially could have been avoided.

However, I strongly disagree the problem lies within the forensic mental health system.
Unfortunately the W5 piece offered nothing more than a sensational overview of a very complex issue and the proposed Federal legislation to change rules around the Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) designation.

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