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Social Media Plays Significant Role on Bell Let’s Talk Day

Tuesday, January 28 was a memorable day for Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) and everyone invested in mental health.

Our new social media section, #MindVine, went live with mental health advocate Stella Ducklow hosting a Twitter Chat with followers in the afternoon.

The Chat saw Stella field questions about her recovery journey, artwork and her role in Three Voices, the adolescent mental health documentary produced by Ontario Shores. Questions came from followers in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and from Nova Scotia, Stella’s home province.

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Mental Illness is not Black and White

My name is Stella Ducklow. I am a photographer, an art geek, and an activist. I am also a mental health advocate; I have been doing public speaking about living with the symptoms and stigma related to my mental health diagnosis for the past eight years.

When you do first voice speaking about mental illness there is a certain story arc you are expected to follow. This is not a spoken agreement, but a silent expectation that has been reinforced by a worn out dialogue deeming people like me ‘brave’ and ‘inspiring’ for simply trying to speak our truth. The story arc goes something like this:

“I was normal and everything was fine. Then I got sick and everything was terrible.” Then comes the uplifting part which usually includes intervention, revelation, and a magical return to sanity. People like happy endings, therefore the story is expected to end with a complete recovery, and some sort of sentiment like “I’m stronger than I was before I went crazy.”

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Welcome to #MindVine!

We decided to launch our new social media section today to correspond with Bell Let’s Talk Day because #MindVine is similarly all about igniting conversations about mental health and eliminating the stigma associated with it.

We have big plans for this space. #MindVine is the social media home of Ontario Shores, a specialty mental health hospital in Whitby, and will connect visitors with our social media platforms and serve as Ontario Shores’ home to blogs and events.

#MindVine will also include news and information related to mental health care.

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