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Think Pink and Stand Up to Bullying

It’s inspiring to watch something positive grow out of an initial negative experience.

It was seven years ago when a boy in Nova Scotia was being bullied for simply wearing a pink shirt to high school. In sympathy and outrage, two of his peers went out and bought pink shirts for their classmates to wear the next day. It was an important day for those determined to eliminate bullying in schools and communities across Canada.

It was this act of empathy which inspired Pink Shirt Day. The third annual event is set to take place on Wednesday, February 26 at schools and workplaces across Canada in support of bullying awareness.

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Storytelling Illuminates Expert Mental Health Nursing Practice

The understanding that nursing is both a science and an art can be traced all the way back to Florence Nightingale.

While she led the way with the science of epidemiology, becoming the first woman admitted to the Royal Statistical Society, she also said that nursing was “the finest of the fine arts.”

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The Injustice of the Horror Genre and its Portrayal of Mentally Ill

I like horror movies, and the horror genre LOVES me.

Why else would I appear in so many of their films? Single White Female, Fatal Attraction, Chloe, The Roommate, and several episodes of Criminal Minds, which is a highly informative show that regularly features a mentally ill serial killer. My personal favorite is the one starring a bipolar cannibal whose killing/flesh eating spree is triggered by not receiving enough attention from his emotionally absent mother, BUT I digress.

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