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Join the Virtual Run for Women and Support Women's Clinic at Ontario Shores

This past November, our team at Ontario Shores Foundation was thrilled to learn that we were chosen as one of the 18 charities across the country to participate in the 2020 Run for Women.

Being a part of this run was something we had been working on for a couple of years and when we got word that Whitby was going to be a host city, and that the Women’s Clinic at Ontario Shores was going to benefit, we were ecstatic.

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COVID-19: Kids and Screen Time During a Pandemic

With us all being at home more we have come to rely our technologies to learn, to work, to stay connected, and to be entertained. 

Even with some stores and activities reopening, we are still heavily relying on screen time to get through our days.  For most parents, they are worried about how much their children’s screen time has increased, followed by feelings of guilt because they are either providing this screen time to distract their children as they work, or they can’t seem to stop their children from engaging in it. 

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COVID-19: Understanding the Six Stages of Change

It’s hard to make a change of any kind. 

We were all forced to drastically change our lives over the past three months and making slow changes back from this new normality also won’t be an easy process. 

But when we choose to make a change, there’s been an overarching theory in psychology for years that we go through six stages before the change actually takes place (Prochaska & DiClemente 1986). 

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