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Jim Flaherty: A genuine and thoughtful man

Prior to joining Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health (Ontario Shores), I worked in the media for 20 years, where my last stop as a journalist and managing editor at Metroland Durham afforded me the opportunity to meet and interview an infinite number of people.

However, I will always remember the first time I met Jim Flaherty.

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Volunteering is Good for You

We all know that volunteering is extremely beneficial, but did you know that it is more beneficial for us than we ever imagined!
A recent article in the New York Times (Do Good, Think Good, Feel Good) highlighted some interesting supporting evidence on the benefits of giving to charities or donating time.

“In terms of quantifying happiness, spending money on oneself barely moves the needle, but spending on others causes a significant increase. When people give their time or money to a cause they believe in, they become problem solvers. Problem solvers are happier than bystanders and victims of circumstance.”

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Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: Far Too Commonly Connected

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in the U.S. recognizes April as Alcohol Awareness Month.

In Canada, the need to educate and inform around alcohol dependence also exists, including in the area of mental health care.

According to Statistics Canada, 20 per cent of people living with a mental illness have a co-occurring substance use problem, with alcohol being the most popular substance of choice.

I easily identify with these facts.

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