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Building Partnerships, Aiding Recovery

We are always looking forward to that next conversation with our newest volunteers

Recruitment plays an important role in the success or failure of any volunteer program. We attend many volunteer fairs throughout the year in Durham and other local communities and we always receive a positive response. Volunteer fairs offer a unique opportunity to gauge the pulse of other volunteer organizations and, in turn, we can engage, educate, and promote awareness of mental health.

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Redefining the term Patient

Does the term ‘patient’ still reflect the mental health care environment or is it time to evolve?

Recently I have had some rich dialogue with various colleagues regarding the term ‘patient’. This term carries with it many meanings, which some may argue further creates the stigma experienced in mental health care. A few days ago when the question was asked of me of what my thoughts are on the term and what my opinion was of a new term, I had no satisfactory answer which would be to my liking.

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National Nursing Week: An Opportunity to Reflect

Welcome to National Nursing Week 2014!

It is a special privilege to extend Nursing Week greetings to all of Ontario Shores’ RPNs and RNs—and to all who support them at work and at home. Nursing week began officially in 1971 when the International Council of Nurses designated May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday, as International Nurses’ Day. In 1985, then Canadian Health Minister Jake Epp proclaimed the second week of May as National Nursing Week in recognition of the dedication and achievements of the nursing profession as a whole. It has been said that Nursing Week gives nurses across the world the chance to celebrate the work they do to keep Nightingale's work alive by advocating for policies that keep people healthy, and of course to care for them when they're ill.

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