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COVID19: Have Empathy for Excessive Anxiety During Pandemic

If you have been to a grocery store within the past week you’ve seen the empty shelves and panic buying that has been occurring everywhere. 

I was the opposite and one of those people who did not feel the panic of getting food.  I was doing my part to avoid crowds and listening to the advice of government officials and media experts explaining that there is no supply shortage of food or toilet paper and that shelves will continue to be restocked.   

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COVID-19: It’s OK to Feel Anxious in a Pandemic World

What’s a healthy anxiety in times of stress?

Many of us may have been wondering that since novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was declared an international pandemic last week by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Since that announcement the world has changed a lot, especially here in Canada.  People are having to stay home which means they’re losing their social lives, their physical activities, their jobs, even loved ones.


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Better Option to Preserve History

As there is growing attention and interest in the Doctor’s Residence Land I thought I would provide some context for our community and those interested in this proposal.

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) reached out to the developer when it seemed to be the consensus by all that this building could not be restored.

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