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COVID-19: What to Say to Teenagers about Self Isolation

Having empathy for teenagers can be really hard sometimes. 

During my mental health training and education, I get questions from frustrated parents constantly about how to help with their teenager’s mental health.  Now I can only empathize with all the parents out there unsure of what to do or say to make things better for their children. 

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COVID-19: Tools to Tackle Effects of Social Isolation

In the upcoming weeks we will have to become even more socially isolated than we already are.

Which is going to be different as humans are social creatures and it’s instinctual to rely on each other for our survival. However, now for our survival we’re being told to do the opposite, to stay away from each other, something that goes against our primary human instinct.  And let’s face it, now with all non-essential services being closed, social isolation is going to get much harder before it gets better.  For some it will be easier than others.  Introverts tend to feel recharged by spending time by themselves, versus extroverts who get their energy through socializing with others.  For us extroverts, feeling loneliness is going to be a big threat in the upcoming days. 

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COVID-19: Meditation Can Help Manage Anxiety

With all the emotions that we are collectively experiencing these next few months, we might want to taking time to experience new things that we’ve always wanted to do. 

In my past two blogs I talked about healthy versus unhealthy anxiety. And while there are many opportunities that people can explore to improve their mental health, today I want to talk about meditation as one option.

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