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Sanaz Riahi, PhD Sanaz Riahi, PhD

COVID-19: Employee Assistance Programs Can Help in a Pandemic

A big observation I’ve made over the years training employees on their mental health, is that most people are familiar that they have access to an Employee Assistance Program or EAP, but what they are not always familiar with are the varied services they offer. 

Average utilization rates for EAP’s are approximately 15%, which just shows how under utilized these programs are.  Another big reason for this under utilization is that some people don’t trust of the confidentiality of the program.  They are fearful that information they share may also be shared with their employer. 

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COVID-19: Why Building a Fort Can Improve Your Mental Health

Being today is April Fools during a pandemic, it will be a bit harder to prank our friends and family and I’m not sure if many of us would appreciate that right now.  But being the day that it is, I still wanted to write something a little lighter.  I’ve been looking at people post their glamourus home offices with spectacular views of mountains and beautiful lakes or famous landmarks. 

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COVID-19: Supporting Mental Health of Employees is Good Business

A great article came out last week from The Globe and Mail on why companies need to prioritize employees mental health during the pandemic.  This is something we have been saying for years and it’s great to see mainstream media reporting on it more too now. 

Mental Health First Aid Coordinator Christine Fuda teaching a group of employees from community organizations prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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