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COVID-19: Understanding the Six Stages of Change

It’s hard to make a change of any kind. 

We were all forced to drastically change our lives over the past three months and making slow changes back from this new normality also won’t be an easy process. 

But when we choose to make a change, there’s been an overarching theory in psychology for years that we go through six stages before the change actually takes place (Prochaska & DiClemente 1986). 

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Our World is in Pain

This is likely the most uncomfortable piece I've ever written.

In my day-to-day work, I pride myself in being focused on the task at hand, while also keeping the overall vision of the organization paramount.

In working with our partners, funders and community to ensure Ontario Shores is relevant, important and essential in the eyes of our government, the focus has almost always been on innovation, delivering exemplary mental health care and creating the best possible environment for our patients and staff.

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Nutrition and Food Services #RisingUp to Meet Evolving Needs of Patients

Ontario Shores and its Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) is #RisingUp to serve its community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The NFS team have been doing things differently since the start of the pandemic. Outpatients have been struggling with meeting their basic everyday needs due to the closure of many soup kitchens and food banks. Those that remain open are facing a short supply and this has negatively impacted the Ontario Shores community.

When it was identified that patients within the community were struggling with securing food, NFS jumped into action.


Our Nutrition and Food Services team posed for this picture last February, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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