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Golf Tournament Raises Funds and Hope for People Living with Mental Illness

There’s no such thing as a slow day at the Ontario Shores Foundation.

We constantly build from one year to the next to raise funds and support the hospital and the patients who rely on the vital services provides here at Ontario Shores.

One such opportunity to raise funds was the Roger Anderson Charity Classic (RACC), which celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 8. It was a fantastic day of sunshine, sportsmanship and golf.

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Sharing My Story

Just a few months ago I moved into a new role at Ontario Shores.

I now work as a Peer Support Specialist supporting patients throughout different points of their recovery journey. It’s quite different than previous roles I have had in my career. I am still helping people, but in a much different way.

It’s very freeing to be in a group setting with people who have all experienced mental illness. Our diagnoses are often different and our situations individually are unique, but there are common elements we can all relate to.

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My Children Will Know Mental Illness is Complex

It’s heartbreaking for me to think about it, but my children may have to walk in my shoes one day.

They are still very much babies at the moment, but as they grow I will be watching them closely. Mental illness runs in my family and the possibility they will have their own struggles at some point in their lives is the biggest reason why I participated in the #5in5 series on #MindVine for National Mental Health Week.

I get emotional just thinking about that possibility.

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