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Marc’s Story: Technology and Partnerships Support Independent Living

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, Marc Barrette is an example of how the forming of non-traditional relationships, the use of technology and personal commitment can work together to positively impact recovery.

And now, he is sharing his story with hopes of inspiring others.

Barrette’s story is featured in a short documentary detailing his recovery journey. The project was produced in partnership by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) with the support of the March of Dimes Canada in Sudbury.


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The #ConvoPlate is Sparking Mental Health Conversations Around the Globe

I am fortunate to be around inspiring people each and every day.

From our patients and families to the people who help them on their recovery journey, there is something special about being around people passionate about mental health.

That passion was in abundance on Wednesday, Sept. 27 as I brought a small group of these inspiring people from Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) to the Art Gallery of Burlington to meet Brian Hansell, a father determined to make a difference.

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Sadly, Society is Still Misinformed When it Comes to Those Found NCR

I get it, it’s complicated.

Mental Illness is an illness that unfortunately receives compassion only when it is convenient or easy. As a society, we get Bell Let’s Talk with all the celebrities speaking about their challenges, we have compassion for children’s mental health and maybe, to some extent, we even have understanding when it comes to seniors with dementia. But when the illness is so severe or when a system fails to help someone until something tragic happens we tend to evoke our moral compass and jump to an extreme, emotional reaction.

That is not in any way an indictment on victims or to challenge their thoughts and feelings. When someone with a severe mental illness is involved in a serious incident where a life is lost, it will always evoke a strong emotional response. It is a tragedy, no question.  You can’t blame those close to such an event for feeling sadness, anger, outrage or a whole gamut of emotions. But often tabloid media or social media pundits run with the story by pouring fuel on fear and hatred which really serves no one. 

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