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COVID-19: Managing Your Mental Health During a Pandemic Holiday Weekend

Growing up in an Italian Catholic family, Easter weekend has always been one of my favorite weekends. 

Every Good Friday my big Italian family would get together and cook a giant seafood feast of lobster, crab, shrimp, pasta and zeppole.  A meal I look forward to all year.  And as a child, the exhilaration of waking up before my brother so I could get a sneak peak at all the hidden Easter eggs was a feeling only secondary to Christmas morning.

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COVID-19: Family Member's Letter to Ontario Shores' Staff

On behalf of Family Council and families of loved ones struggling with mental illness, I want to thank all staff at Ontario Shores for what you are doing at this time.

It is difficult for family members who are unable to visit with their loved ones during this pandemic and stressful for some patients who are cut off from those who have lived with them through their battle with mental illness.

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COVID-19: Frustration, Guilt and Working from Home in a Pandemic

I think most of us working from home right now are thankful for many reasons.  We’re thankful that we still have a job.  We’re thankful that we have something to keep our minds off the pandemic.  We’re extremely thankful that we don’t have to risk our health going out, unlike all the absolutely amazing essential workers out there keeping us safe and healthy.  Unfortunately for many of us though, there is this underlying guilt that is following us whenever we’re not being productive. 

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