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COVID-19: Could the Pandemic Decrease the Stigma Associated with Mental Illness?

There have been many articles that discuss resiliency and coping through finding meaning during this crisis.  As a main focus of my job is to increase people’s knowledge of mental illness while also decreasing stigma, one questioning thought I’ve had: will we’ll see a positive attitude shift around stigma of mental illnesses? Stigma here referring to the negative attitudes and behaviours towards all areas of mental illness including; the people living with mental illnesses; treatments of mental illnesses; causes and symptoms. 

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COVID-19: Managing Your Mental Health During a Pandemic Holiday Weekend

Growing up in an Italian Catholic family, Easter weekend has always been one of my favorite weekends. 

Every Good Friday my big Italian family would get together and cook a giant seafood feast of lobster, crab, shrimp, pasta and zeppole.  A meal I look forward to all year.  And as a child, the exhilaration of waking up before my brother so I could get a sneak peak at all the hidden Easter eggs was a feeling only secondary to Christmas morning.

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