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COVID-19: Letter To Our Staff; Thank You for #RisingUp

Thank you.

No matter how many ways I try to say it, it comes down to that phrase each and every day during this unprecedented time.

Words simply cannot express how grateful I am for everyone at Ontario Shores and how proud I am of the collective work that’s been done since the World Health Organization (WHO) called a global pandemic on March 11 as a result of the spread of COVID-19.

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COVID-19: Self-Care vs Self-Indulgence

Whether you’re a front-line worker encroaching on burnout; a parent trying to juggle working from home and educating your kids; or you’ve been temporarily unemployed, we are all experiencing stressors from our current situation and could use a little self-care. But, there is still some misunderstandings around what is self-care versus self-indulgence.

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COVID-19: Could the Pandemic Decrease the Stigma Associated with Mental Illness?

There have been many articles that discuss resiliency and coping through finding meaning during this crisis.  As a main focus of my job is to increase people’s knowledge of mental illness while also decreasing stigma, one questioning thought I’ve had: will we’ll see a positive attitude shift around stigma of mental illnesses? Stigma here referring to the negative attitudes and behaviours towards all areas of mental illness including; the people living with mental illnesses; treatments of mental illnesses; causes and symptoms. 

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