Volunteering is Good for You

We all know that volunteering is extremely beneficial, but did you know that it is more beneficial for us than we ever imagined!
A recent article in the New York Times (Do Good, Think Good, Feel Good) highlighted some interesting supporting evidence on the benefits of giving to charities or donating time.

“In terms of quantifying happiness, spending money on oneself barely moves the needle, but spending on others causes a significant increase. When people give their time or money to a cause they believe in, they become problem solvers. Problem solvers are happier than bystanders and victims of circumstance.”

In essence, the more we contribute or give of our time, the happier and more satisfied we are in life. This “intersection of happiness” is reflected millions of times a year by generous Canadians. 

In honour of National Volunteer Week, we asked staff and patients to write down one or two words that describe volunteers. Here’s just a sample of what people said:

  • Caring Contributors   
  • Giving  
  • Valuable and valued                           
  • Appreciate
  • Committed                                           
  • Dynamic people                              
  • Helpful and cheerful                           
  • Selfless
  • Inspire hope                                         
  • Friendly, courteous and dependable
  • Totally awesome                                  
  • Amazing
  • Generous                                              
  • Dedicated         
  • Volunteers help families so much         
  • Awesome people

Our volunteers continue to provide inspiring feedback that inspires us every day at Ontario Shores.

“I really enjoyed volunteering at Ontario Shores and I developed good skills and a stronger understanding of Mental Illness. I also liked being able to make a difference in the lives of people with chronic mental Illness,” noted Amanda.

“I love how rewarding my placement is. Each day I volunteer I am teaching someone something they didn’t know before. I’m slowly helping with their recovery,” said Kalene. “Being able to engage with the patients to assist in their recovery. Going into the unit and have the patients enjoy spending time with me and asking for me to come back next week.”

In the end, we are more than the sum of our individual experiences. We are the sum of others’ experiences, too.

For more information on volunteering at Ontario Shores, please visit ontarioshores.ca/volunteer.