No Slowing Down Volunteerism

The long, hot, hazy days of summer are just on the horizon and it certainly appears that everyone’s calendars and thoughts are pre-occupied with graduations, committee meetings and annual general meetings before summer vacations commence. Many of us are endeavoring to clear our calendars and commitments in preparation for brief respites spent reconnecting with family and friends.

It seems that volunteerism never seems to take a vacation, even at Ontario Shores. Our volunteers continue to make a positive difference by sustaining the rhythm of giving 365 days a year. Every year, Volunteer Services distributes an annual report and this year has been a banner year filled with many accomplishments! Volunteers achieved a record 12,100 volunteer hours and volunteer membership has grown to over 185 registered volunteers! These remarkable statistics demonstrate that volunteers truly lead with their hearts!

In addition to the commitment of volunteering weekly at Ontario Shores, I am pleased that so many of our volunteers have also decided to volunteer at the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan games this summer. To effectively deliver Pan Am/Parapan Am games, organizers have recruited and assembled a team of over 23,000 volunteers! Over 64,000 volunteer applicants from across the Golden Horseshoe have applied to be part of this memorable event. What an impressive statistic this is! If you are planning to attend the games, I encourage you to take a moment and thank a volunteer for making this huge volunteer commitment of twelve – ten hour shifts over two weeks! It won’t be hard to spot a volunteer as they will be everywhere! This significant and impressive commitment of time is truly admirable. Thank-you to all our Ontario Shores’ volunteers!  While we all enjoy the Pan Am and Parapan Games, we are reminded that whether someone is living with a visible or invisible disability, everyone deserves to be treated with compassion, fairness and a kind heart.

Have a great summer and congratulation once again to our incredible Ontario Shores’ volunteers!