Research and Quality in Mental Health: Partners in Transformation

I am very pleased to announce the upcoming 5th annual Ontario Shores’ Mental Health Conference: Research, Recovery and Quality in Mental Health, March 1-2, 2016.  This two-day event combines the format and success of our Annual Research Day and Mental Health/Thought Leadership Forum. The conference will feature two tracks; 1) A focus on new research in mental health, and 2) Exploring issues in mental health care quality and promising quality improvement initiatives.  

While many people tend to think of research and quality as different, we have decided to bring them together this year aligned under ‎the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s themes. Let me tell you why.

Quality issues in health care focus on patient safety, effectiveness of interventions, efficiency of care provision, timeliness of care, equitable access to services and patient-centred care.  Research in the areas of population health, clinical interventions, health services and biomedical innovations all contribute scientific evidence that may be used to inform best approaches for quality improvements in the health care system.  Mental Health researchers are often motivated to find solutions and deliver innovations based on health care quality dimensions/issues. In turn, Quality Improvement Specialists utilize data collected from performance indicators along with research evidence to inform and test improvement plans in their local context.

Those involved in mental health research and quality share a common goal and work together to advance improvements in care.  Ontario Shores is proud to feature the excellent work of both practices and we invite you to participate in our annual conference.

This conference will be of interest to those involved in mental health research and quality, including those from academic institutions (students and faculty), mental health care services providers, government, private sector innovators, caregivers and service users.  I am delighted to blog about our upcoming conference and encourage you to participate.

I look forward to seeing you in March, 2016.