Big Data Revolution in Healthcare

In the evolution of healthcare, one major change which excites me as a healthcare leader, and which I believe will have tremendous impact for years to come in healthcare, is the advancements and continuous integration of technology within care.


 Specifically, the integration of big data analytics in healthcare is enabling greater insight and intelligence into how organizations are managing patient care, outcomes and costs. Although this big data revolution is in its early days and it has great potential to advance healthcare, this also requires healthcare organizations at all levels, from direct care providers to senior leaders, to develop new skill sets and shift traditional approaches and strategies to benefit from the promising new threads of knowledge. It creates a path best described as rapidly changing with new discoveries, requiring a commitment to innovation and quality improvement.

With healthcare organizations transitioning towards integrated electronic health record systems, it means that healthcare providers need to further define, understand and take advantage of how the system and the integrated information will improve process performance, quality of care, and patient safety.  

With innovation at the forefront of healthcare as a result of technology advancements, a platform is being created for the transformation towards patient-driven care, where strategies are developed to increase patients’ opportunities to increase their self-care and engage in preventive care through such advancements as mobile health, patient portals and telehealth. We are shifting towards an era where healthcare is evolving and being redefined at a rapid speed, providing opportunities for enhanced communication, efficiencies in care and improved outcomes for healthcare providers, patients and families. Are you ready for the change?