“Keeping me in the loop!”: Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck

This feeling is how Lorraine describes what the new patient portal: Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck has been able to do for her.

Having spent a great deal of her life caring for her son who lives with schizoaffective disorder as well as an acquired brain injury, the portal has been able to give her some comfort and convenience.

“My son is now an outpatient and living in supportive transitional housing; however because of his mental illness he may not provide me with information about his care in a timely and organized manner.  That’s where Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck comes in.  I am able to log on and see the information at my own convenience.  I can see when he has medical appointments scheduled and I am able to plan far in advance to be able to attend these meetings,” shares Lorraine.

Knowing that her son has difficulty remembering appointments or keeping track of medication was a concern for Lorraine, who now feels some respite.  “It was really very helpful that I saw the posters and heard presentations about the portal, and was then able to sign up as a user as my son’s substitute decision maker.  I felt right away that this was something useful that I wanted to do,” adds Lorraine.

The patient portal is especially valuable to users like Lorraine because it provides key health information in one central location. “I don’t have to hunt down information to the same extent as before, but can access key components of the file which I can refer to during subsequent contact with staff,” she says.

Lorraine is also happy because she can continue to play a very active role in her son’s care, offering suggestions and feedback as appropriate.  “We were able to spot a name misspelling in the documentation right away.” 

With her son having been an inpatient at Ontario Shores for the past 4 ½  years and now transitioning to community housing as an outpatient as well as participating in the Partial Hospitalization Program,  Lorraine is excited and interested to see how the portal will evolve as information grows.

“The recovery process is truly a journey and I can’t do this alone.  It is a good feeling to know that I have support at Ontario Shores should I need it,” explains Lorraine.

On navigating the portal, Lorraine says it is quite easy.  “It is simple and basic and anyone should be able to figure it out quite quickly even if they are not very computer savvy.”

Describing Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck as user friendly, Lorraine strongly encourages other persons, patients and their families, to sign up now and start using the portal.  

For more information about Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck and how to sign up, contact 905-430-4061, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website here.