“Taking control” – A patient’s perspective on Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck

“A tremendous sense of autonomy over your own care”, is how Roxanna Bennett describes her experience with Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck, the new patient portal.

Having been given the opportunity to try the new online portal which allows access to her complete health information in a private and secure way, Roxanna fully supports the tool.

“I am so excited about this portal because it allows me so much flexibility and freedom,” she shared.

Roxanna explains that she can contact her doctor about her prescription renewals at any time over the internet.  “I don’t have to worry about tracking my doctor down; my request is simply logged in to the system when I need it to be.”

It is the sense of empowerment that stands out most for Roxanna. “Having access to this information about my visits and being able to make my own notes is very helpful in managing my own care.  I can make notes about side effects that I am having from specific medications and my doctors will be able to see that and track it.  I won’t have to rely on my memory when I go in for my next visit and I won’t forget things, as it is right there documented for me,” she adds.

Openly admitting that she has challenges with leaving the house or speaking on the phone, Roxanna explains that the patient portal helps her with these challenges. “If I may not be feeling well enough to leave the house on a particular day, I can log on to Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck and get any information I may need.”

Also admitting that using the internet comes easy for her, Roxanna is quick to say that the patient portal is very easy to move around.  “It is very easy to use, if you just follow the steps, even if you are not a computer user.”

As a tool that helps you track your health, Roxanna believes that Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck will help all individuals see the whole picture in their care plan. “Everything is located in one place – my medications, my therapy notes, my lab reports will all be available.  I am therefore able to see the bigger picture and can discuss this openly with all my doctors.”

The patient portal is also seen as important in building relationships with others, as it allows for collaboration.  “I can easily share this information with any of my family members or loved ones.  Anyone being this involved will feel more empowered to help you.  We will all have access to the same information and we won’t have to worry that sometimes things get lost in the translation.”

For Roxanna, it is clear: “With Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck, you will have more control over your own care.”

The portal will be live as of December 1, 2014.

For more information about Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck and how to sign up, contact 905-430-4061 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.