Quality Standards: What Great Care Looks Like

At its annual Health Quality Transformation Conference last October in Toronto, Health Quality Ontario (HQO) unveiled its first three Quality Standards in an effort to advance mental health care in Ontario.

Ontario Shores played a leadership role in assisting HQO develop Quality Standards to address key opportunities for improvement in the care of major depression, schizophrenia and the behavioural symptoms of dementia.

The development of these standards is a significant moment for mental health care. 


Patients, families and mental health care professionals worked together to develop these standards to give both providers and patients a clear understanding of what great care looks like for those struggling with major depression, schizophrenia and dementia.

These new standards and the implementation of them at Ontario Shores was the focus of a recent presentation by our Vice-President of Medical Affairs Dr. Philip Klassen during HQO’s Quality Rounds, which is a monthly educational session for anyone interested in improving the quality of health care.

Following Quality Rounds, Dr. Klassen joined HQO President and CEO Dr. Joshua Tepper on the #MindVine podcast to talk about these new standards and what it means for people across the province receiving care for major depression, schizophrenia and the behavioural symptoms of dementia.

The #MindVine podcast featuring Dr. Klassen and Dr. Tepper and all previous episodes are available YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and Google Play.




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