Hope Campaign Inspires Through Music

Hope is a word that has part of the daily conversation here at Ontario Shores and something that we know is so vital to our patients’ recovery.  But how do we translate the notion of hope into something tangible, meaningful, and supportive for those impacted by mental illness?

How do we reach more people, make connections and encourage others to support their loved ones who may be struggling with mental illness and share a message of hope?

Last fall, the Communications and Public Affairs team developed the Hope for Mental Health Campaign.  We really wanted to create a hope movement and others to join us on this journey and help us create, support and increase hope for those impacted by mental illness.  You may have seen staff, patients, community members wearing their hope t-shirts proudly.  Our Facebook and Twitter feeds profile some of those people wearing their #hopeshirt.

The next phase of our campaign is the creation of a Hope song.  This is something we are really excited about. 

One thing I love about the Hope for Mental Health Campaign is the way in which we are involving people with lived experience in every step of the process. Patients, family members, staff are contributing to the design of the shirts, the lyrics to the song, the CD packaging artwork and music video. 

The message of hope is a powerful one.  It can inspire individuals who are struggling to reach out for help, it can encourage our patients to reach for the next milestone of their recovery journey and it can inspire clinicians to discover new treatment options and models of care.  Together, we can create hope and help those impacted by mental illness create a meaningful and bright future.

We hope you join us as we continue share the message of hope.  We are launching the new Hope song on May 7 at The Bear in Pickering – everyone is welcome to attend.  We have a great evening planned of live music, light refreshments and the release of our song.  

I would like to thank those patients and families who bravely shared their stories with us throughout these projects.  I would also like to thank Vespa Studios, Rob Boutcher, Bob Frenette, Darren Smith and the many other local musicians who donated so much of their time to help make this project possible.  It is inspiring to see a community rally together to be a part of this important cause.

Click here for event details.