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Dawne Barbieri

Vice-President, Practice, Academics and Chief Nursing Executive

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Dawne Barbieri is the Interim Vice President of Practice, Academics and the Chief Nursing Executive at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. Dawne is proud to have been a nurse for almost forty years and is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Nursing. She has held several senior leadership positions at community and academic acute care organizations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Dawne’s career has also included experience working with the College of Nurses of Ontario and several Colleges and Universities.

Dawne has been a national and international surveyor with Accreditation Canada for the past 15 years. She acts in the role of team leader for on-site surveys, provides education for organizations, and is involved in the  orientation and mentorship of new surveyors. Dawne has a Masters in Arts (Education) and is pursuing a Doctorate in Health Administration from Central Michigan University.  Dawne has been a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars highlighting her expertise with patient safety, leadership, and emergency nursing best practices.

For fun and fitness, Dawne has enjoyed being a jazzercise instructor for the last 11 years.