Stories Pay Tribute on Nursing Week

Staff gathered at the Grand Rounds held at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences on May 14 to hear the stories of nurses in tribute to Nursing Week 2015.

The presentation opened with remarks by Barb Mildon, the Vice President of Professional Practice and Research and Chief Nurse Executive at Ontario Shores. Dr. Mildon cited phases of the career continuum as a way to reflect on careers in the nursing field. The career continuum follows 5 main stages: learning, entry (experimenting with different positions in your field,) commitment (identifying likes and dislikes in clinical areas and the workplace,) consolidation (finding your fit as a professional in the workplace,) and withdrawal (career change or retirement.)

The presentation was then turned over to four nurses working various positions at Ontario Shores, enabling them to reflect on their careers and their place within the organization.

Words such like passion, dedication and learning came up many times with each of the nurses featured on the panel.

Jason Stainthrope, RN, said that his career in nursing has always filled him with pride and enabled him to take risks and seek learning opportunities. Holding his Ontario Shores badge high, he said:

”It’s not just a badge; it’s a badge of honour. Remember that you are making a difference, and wear it with pride.”

Cindy Pritchard is a nurse practitioner who is leaving her current position on ICAP to move on to the Transitional Aged Youth Unit. She believes nursing has enabled her to learn and grow, and now, to move onto new horizons.

“I believe that we’re always in a state of learning,” she said.

Cathy Duivestyn said that encouragement from the hospital and Barb Mildon herself enabled her to expand her horizons in her nursing career, saying: “(Barb) gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone.”

Sanaz Riahi, the director of Professional Practice and Clinical Informatics at Ontario Shores said that nursing inspired her to pursue larger leadership roles within the hospital as she moved through her career. “I was becoming very passionate about helping people,” she said.

Hearing from each of these nurses is a testament to the passion and leadership that drives Ontario Shores to excellence and exemplary patient care every day.

Mildon concluded the presentation with a sentiment for all the nurses at Ontario Shores and beyond:

“Thank you for helping to celebrate nursing week 2015. I wish you all the career of your dreams.”