Understanding Food and Your Own Health, Better

A major part of the Metabolic Clinic is the Clinical Dietitian component. For the majority of our Metabolic Clinic clients, they want to make changes to their food intake in order to reach their healthy lifestyle goals. March is Nutrition Month and across Canada, Registered Dietitians are spreading the word to promote healthy eating. This year’s Nutrition Month theme is: Take the Fight Out of Food. Spot the Problem. Get the Facts. Seek Support.

The goal of this year’s campaign is to help Canadians stop their struggles with food. When I reflect on how this can be applied to Ontario Shores, I think about the clients that I see on patient care units for various medical conditions, and the Metabolic Clinic clients who are struggling to make food-related behavior changes to manage their weight, and to control their diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. But there are also all of the staff and clients who could be quietly struggling with health conditions big or small that require some food-related changes or restrictions. Sometimes people just don’t know where to look for reputable information regarding nutrition. I can’t tell you how many times clients have quoted Dr. Oz regarding nutrition facts, or they quoted nutrition information that they heard on the news, which was really only the result of one study. So, how do we know where to turn for reputable nutrition information? That’s where this year’s Nutrition Month campaign comes into play.

The first thing you need to do is Spot the Problem. You need to figure out what your specific nutrition issue is. The next step is to Get the Facts. Here are some reputable websites that can be helpful in finding accurate nutrition information: www.dietitians.ca, www.eatrightontario.ca, www.diabetes.ca, just to name a few. The final piece of the puzzle is to Seek Support. The best place to turn for nutrition support is a Registered Dietitian. Did you know that some employment benefit plans cover a Registered Dietitian? You can find a local Registered Dietitian at www.dietitians.ca, or contact a Registered Dietitian for free by phone or email at www.eatrightontario.ca to answer your nutrition questions. If you’re simply looking for dietitian approved recipes, check out www.cookspiration.ca for some amazing recipes to try.

National Dietitians Day is March 15 so don’t forget to send some friendly cheer to the Registered Dietitians in your life.