Fueled by imagination

A world created in her imagination is now fast becoming reality for comic book artist Binah Moon.

With her work now prominently on display at the Art Gallery at Ontario Shores, Binah is feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Painstakingly creating each work of art by hand and then filling in the colour by computer, Binah showcases strong talent.


The Art Gallery brings people together who share an interest in art and through their Guest Artist of the Month Program support aspiring and established artists, including individuals with lived experience of mental illness, by providing a venue to showcase and sell their work.

“I am so excited for others to see all that I have been working on.  I want them to be able to enjoy the moments that I have created,” says Binah.

Having studied General Art, Binah has transitioned her passion into a career.  This ability to create alternate realities through her art has always been a part of her life.  “I remember being able to draw from age four.  I started drawing the still life and landscapes that I saw around me.  Eventually I began to create my own worlds,” she adds.

Having shared her passion with teachers, she was often encouraged to pursue her dreams.  She looked to other comics for inspiration.

As Binah got older, the art itself became much more important to her.  It became a way of escaping her current reality. She tells of a childhood that saw her using art as a way of hiding from difficult situations at home.

“There’s nothing I like as much as art.  It is now a part of me and who I am.  I feel like I always struggled to fit in and I was able to create a beautiful world that I could always fit into with my art.”

Binah’s art often reflects themes of a child seeking acceptance and love.

Having completed high school in South Korea, Binah came to Canada with her family when she was 16 years old.  It was a difficult transition for her with loss of friends and the need to adjust to learning a new language.

Through it all the family stuck together and she had her art.

At age 18, Binah decided to quit school and started working in a grocery store.  She then moved with her family from Quebec to Toronto for a fresh start.  This meant having to learn a new language again. She persevered with her education and earned her high school diploma at age 19 through an adult learning program.  It was now time Binah felt, to pursue further art education.

Though it was hard to make new friends and settle in, Binah got a break after school when she started work in a printing shop doing inking work.

There were some difficult moments for Binah and she soon found herself in and out of hospital dealing with troubling thoughts and struggling with negative feelings.  There have been some low points in her life with three attempts to end her life by suicide.

Now Binah continues her journey of recovery and has been doing very well over the past year.

“The great thing about Ontario Shores for me is that it doesn’t feel like a hospital.  I drew lot of comic books while here, using art as my escape to deal with circumstances around me.”

Now Binah is a part of the comic book crowd and has even attended Toronto Comic Con. She now has her own comic book being published.  She is no longer terrified by her thoughts.

Though sometimes still trying to find her place and wishing for a romantic relationship, Binah is enjoying each moments on her journey.  “I appreciate what I do have and I am so happy to be taking this next step in my life.”

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