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I’m Still Katie

Written by Katie Enright on .

As I sit down to write this first blog in Ontario Shores’ #5in5 series on #MindVine I find myself at a loss.

Where do I start?

Do I start with my own history of mental illness?

How about my career in mental health care?

Or with my children and my desire to give them the love and support they might need as they continue grow and evolve as people?

Well, maybe I’ll start with me. Katie.

Katie Balances Motherhood, Mental Illness and Career as a Mental Health Nurse

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

Since Ontario Shores introduced #MindVine back in January, 2014 we have had an inspiring space to share a variety of stories related to mental health.

Among our contributors are psychiatrists, nurses, researchers, patients and family members.

Personally, it has been incredibly rewarding to see this space used to share information and ignite conversations. Three years after its launch we have a diverse collection of stories from far ranging perspectives impacted by mental health and mental illness.

On the eve of National Mental Health Week (May 1-7) I’m proud to introduce you to someone who brings another unique perspective to #MindVine.


Jesse Hirsh Talks Patient Empowerment on #MindVine Podcast

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

Jesse Hirsh makes you think.

He has strong opinions about healthcare, technology and traditional thinking that naturally make the people around him challenge their own beliefs.

A prominent voice as an internet strategist, Hirsh also considers himself an artist, futurist, researcher and public speaker. He is also an experienced innovator and collaborator with a passion for educating people on the potential benefits and perils of technology.