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Dr. Pinhas: Calorie Legislation Will Do More Harm Than Good

Written by Dr. Leora Pinhas on .

I do not think that I can stand to witness the unnecessary ruination of more young lives. 

Through this blog I implore Ontario’s decision-makers to reconsider the new legislation that comes into effect in 2017 that compels restaurant chains to prominently display the calorie count of food item on their menu, on their price boards.  It is a well-intentioned intervention that will certainly do more harm than good.  I also suspect that this new legislation contravenes the Ontarians with Disability Act. 

If your intended audience is the restaurant industry, it is true that insisting corporations post nutritional information does encourage the reformulation of food products.  However, it is also true that the resulting changes may actually reduce the nutritional quality of the food.  If the intended audience is the consumer, the effect of this legislation is once again disappointing.  The results of studies examining these types of interventions are quite mixed.  Posting calorie content does not predictably improve customer decision-making when it comes time to order.  That any good might come of this legislation is unlikely enough that it cannot make up for the harm that will come from this legislation. 

Golden Year of Volunteerism at Ontario Shores

Written by Liz Onley-Wiseman on .

Volunteer Canada officially celebrates and acknowledges the contribution of 12.7 million volunteers across Canada every year during National Volunteer Week. Volunteers are the Roots of Strong Communities is the national campaign theme for 2016. This years’ theme is coincidently, very appropriate as the Volunteer Association planted their roots of volunteerism at Ontario Shores 50 years ago!

When preparing for any milestone event, one usually initiates the process by probing through archived photos, files and mementos which will enhance a particular celebration. While preparing for our 50th anniversary celebration, our cherished archives are a strong visual reminder that volunteers envisioned the need to establish a healthy volunteer root system at our organization. Since 1966, volunteers have nourished the roots in our community and have formed lasting and meaningful connections, confirming that Volunteers are the Roots of Strong Communities!