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'My Mental Illness Didn't Stop Me' - Crysten

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

Naturally soft-spoken and perhaps a little timid, Crysten has shown a determination that inspires others.

“She’s worked so hard,” notes Donna McAleer-Smith, a Registered Practical Nurse at Ontario Shores who supported Crysten through the Grove School. “She’s very kind and has that silent strength. She’s a great role model.”

Things didn’t always seem positive and promising in Crysten’s world.


'My Mental Illness Didn't Stop Me' - Cody

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

Popular, personable and an elite level athlete, in the eyes of many Cody was living the dream.

“I come from a great family,” says Cody before participating in a group at Ontario Shores’ Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). “I had a great childhood, I had friends and all that.”

It was in his teenage years that he began his struggle with clinical depression. While the people in his life have generally been supportive throughout his journey, it was difficult, at times, for those around him to understand what he was dealing with.