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Halloween Should Not Be Open Season on People Living with Mental Illness

Written by Chris Bovie on .

Halloween is in the rear-view mirror, although the kids’ candy seems to live on in infamy at least until we finally get tired of it and it magically disappears.

But now is the perfect time to talk about Halloween 2017 and beyond. Go ahead and grab a chocolate bar out of your children’s stash, heck grab two – they are small, and settle in. We need to talk.

I hoped as a society we would be further down the path in which discrimination is not acceptable in any form, but there still seems to be one population that it’s OK to disparage for the sake of entertainment.

'My Mental Illness Didn't Stop Me' - Tas

Written by Andrea Marshall on .

Tas was admitted into the Young Adults Transitional Services Unit, which focuses on concurrent treatment for alcohol/substance and mental illness for young adults aged 18 to 35 with severe mental illness.

Prior to his stay at Ontario Shores, Tas was living on his own and looking for work. But, he struggled with his mental illness, dealing with paranoia and substance abuse. Tas also had a difficult upbringing. Throughout his teen years, he has struggled with anger and the effects bullying has had on his life. In his early adult years, he also dealt with substance abuse.