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Globe and Mail's André Picard Talks Journalism, Mental Health and Change

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

For communications professionals in the healthcare sector André Picard is the guy you want fighting for your cause.

As the Public Health Reporter for the Globe and Mail, Picard is the most prominent health policy writer in Canada and can influence both society and decision-makers by telling stories which focus on areas in healthcare which require attention.

When I first moved into communications and mental health care, it seemed as though Picard was the only reporter regularly writing about mental health. He gave a voice to patients in need of treatment and professionals wanting a change in public importance and system navigation. He has played a significant role in reducing stigma and raising the public consciousness of mental illness.

Great Care Includes Family Intervention Therapy

Written by Sarah Kipping on .

I am proud to officially welcome our Family Intervention Therapy (FIT) trained clinicians!

Committed to providing exemplary care to our patients and families, Ontario Shores is proud to have played a significant role in developing the Quality Standards for Mental Health, which were recently unveiled by Health Quality Ontario (HQO).

The Quality Standards address key opportunities for improvement in the care of major depression, schizophrenia and behavioural symptoms of dementia.

Quality Standards: What Great Care Looks Like

Written by Darryl Mathers on .

At its annual Health Quality Transformation Conference last October in Toronto, Health Quality Ontario (HQO) unveiled its first three Quality Standards in an effort to advance mental health care in Ontario.

Ontario Shores played a leadership role in assisting HQO develop Quality Standards to address key opportunities for improvement in the care of major depression, schizophrenia and the behavioural symptoms of dementia.

The development of these standards is a significant moment for mental health care.